Saturday, May 9, 2020

Wellsboro Area School District Graduation Plans

During this unprecedented time of year we want to give our seniors a true graduation to remember. We are still not permitted to do traditional graduation ceremonies.  However, we are doing our best to give our students and families the next best thing.  On May 20th seniors (with specific time slots) will be arriving on the field dressed in caps and gowns.  The Wellsboro Home Page will be putting together a video on student processions, walking through our traditional arch, hearing their name called and presentation of diploma.  At a separate time, all speeches will be recorded as they have been presented in prior year ceremonies. The goal is to provide a video that will represent the entire ceremony, in its entirety had it been done in the traditional manner. When the finish product is complete, it will be available for families and community members to view. Wellsboro Home Page will be providing us with the exact details, but the end goal is for the video to be available on June 5th.  If parents wish to come during their student's allocated time on May 20th, they may view and take photos from the Grandstand, practicing social distancing guidelines. 

If you have a family member who cannot make the May 20th allotted time slot, there will be an opportunity to come to the field on Friday, June 5th to take photos of your senior with those family members that were unable to come on the 20th. However, this is an option not a requirement.    Please understand that this is only an additional photo opportunity, not a ceremony. Time slots again must be confirmed in advance. 

Senior names are being displayed on the Wellsboro Arcadia Theater Marquee.  Four names will be alphabetically displayed daily. Watch for your favorite senior name! 

On May 22nd at 2:00 PM. Seniors will parade in their cars around each school building and will be able to wave at the teachers they have had over their educational career.  Please look for them as they drive around the Wellsboro community. We are planning on having a very special grand marshal for the seniors!

Thank you to the many community members, parents, board members who have made our senior events so special!

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