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School Closure Update (3/23)

The Pennsylvania Department of Education announced today all schools in the Commonwealth will remain closed until at least Thursday, April 9th. As such, Wellsboro schools will remain closed with the anticipated return of students being Thursday, April 9th. There will be further updates coming.


  1. Why not extend it to April 15th as the return date, Friday April 10th is good Friday and then Easter break. I know that if we are off "lockdown" come that time we will be with Family visiting. This social distancing is hard on family and we will want that holiday to come together. I don't think going to school for that 1 day is going to be of any benefit.

    1. As I understand it, that's the date PDE set as the expected return date for students. It is an odd choice with most, if not all, schools across the state having at least Good Friday off, but it is what it is. If we choose to cancel that day, we would be forced to make it up, so we would lose the 14th as make up day anyway. I know we're hoping not to have to make up these days we're mandated being closed, but I'm not certain which way that will fall as I haven't been in those conversations.

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